Like from a cartoon: here is Samson who is the biggest cat in New York and this creature weighs 28 pounds

These cats are known as gentle giants and are full of personality.

Maine Coons are known worldwide for their large size and thick double coat, which is ideal for surviving harsh winter conditions. They are sociable creatures that enjoy following their owners. These cats are known as gentle giants and are full of personality. Maine Coon cats are great pets because they can feel their owners’ moods.

They are naturally inquisitive creatures that purr to your heart. They are very easy to get along with because they are gentle. Maine Coon cats are also athletic and strong. They are highly intelligent and can learn many tricks. On the other hand, Maine Coons are difficult to care for because their coat requires frequent grooming and their large size makes them difficult to handle.

Samson is a 28 pound Maine Coon living in New York. It is not only larger than other domestic cats, but also wild lynxes. Samson’s human owner, Jonathan Zurbel, earned the title of “Biggest Cat in New York”.

The previous Guinness World Record holder, a cat named Samson, died in 2013 and Samson is a good fit for the title due to his height of 4.04 feet. Samson, unlike some other Maine Coons, is not overweight or obese.

This cutie is waiting at the bedroom door for his man to wake up. He then enters the room and sits on his human host’s belly. “He’s very kind and sweet and very well behaved”, says Jonathan. Don’t forget to take a look at his adorable photos because we guarantee you will fall in love with him at first sight.

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