Kind rescuers had to use peanut butter and a digger to rescue this deaf dog stuck in the pipe

A deaf dog had found herself stuck in a narrow pipe, bringing in the firefighters.

After unsuccessful attempts to lure him out with peanut butter, firefighters took drastic action to free a deaf dog stuck in a sewer. About 3 hours elapsed between the owner’s request for help and the rescue of the animal.

A deaf dog got stuck in a narrow pipe that was delivered by firefighters. The complex and hours-long operation was successful, according to Daily Paws.

On Thursday, April 14, in Georgetown, Kentucky, a small deaf dog named Gabby climbed out of a family home, fell through a manhole and got stuck there.

Anxious, Charlene Revell, Gabby’s owner, went to the neighbor’s location, but was unable to do anything to get the animal back.

The latter was a few meters underground, and the pipe was extremely narrow; there was barely room for the body of a small dog.

At 5:30 p.m., the dog’s owner called the fire department. Their first attempts were unsuccessful, as Gabby was only going deeper into the sewers.

She ended up at the very bottom of the vertical tube, in a more spacious landing position. There, firefighters tried to get her out with peanut butter, but were unsuccessful.

Then the locals brought shovels, and 9 mobilized firefighters began excavations. A local company provided them with a mini excavator, which made their work faster and easier. Around 8:15 pm, Gabby finally reopened.

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