Kind people climb a high Mexico’s volcano to save the life of a lonely stray dog

To save the dog, the climbers undertook a real search and rescue operation.

What is real sports cooperation, we tell in our blog

The Mexican Travelers’ Club put together an expedition of thirty volunteers to help climber Canelo, a mestizo dog. The dog chased the athletes as they began climbing the country’s highest peak, the active volcano Pico de Orizaba.

At first, the travelers simply took pity on the dog and shared their rations with him, and Canelo decided that now he had found his owners and faithfully followed the climbers, not approaching, but not disappearing from sight either. Athletes became worried when the smooth-haired dog did not stop accompanying them even in sub-zero temperatures and snowy weather.

Moreover, the unauthorized satellite climbed to the very top with the team, earning the title of “summit winner”. When the climbers began their descent, Canelo, to their surprise, did not follow them, but remained at the top.

No amount of persuasion or subterfuge could persuade him to follow the people. In the end, they convinced the dog to go down on his own. Alas, the dog has not been seen at the foot of the summit since October.

In general, the dog is suspended in the mountains in conditions of zero temperature for about a month. Photos and the story of Canelo went viral on social media asking for help in saving the animal. And help in the person of an experienced instructor Layo Aguilar and members of the club arrived in just a few days. How they managed to lure the dog is unknown, but Canelo was warmed and fed before being put into a backpack.

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