Kaya is a wonderful unique cat who attracted everyone with her cute face

Kaya has one of those lovely looks that can make hearts melt.

This cat was born with a “crooked” face, which could easily be mistaken for sadness due to the congenital deformity of the face.

Odelkis Barrera, founder of TO Rescue in Ontario, knew he had to save Kaya as soon as he saw her picture.

After being rescued, the special kitten quickly recovered, gained weight, and her personality began to emerge.

To the Salvation commented on Facebook. “She’s very outgoing”. “She’s extraordinarily smart and just wants to keep to herself and be around people”.

Everyone who comes into contact with her falls in love with her.

“Her character is great. All she wants is to be caressed, loved”, added Barrera.

Kaya’s favorite toy is not what you expected. It’s a cardboard box, nothing more, nothing less.


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