Jinmin Day on the river. 12 m Guinness World Record holder

The biggest wooden world

12-метровая деревянная скульптура от Zheng Chunhui

The prophetic Bayan ”extends his thoughts (that is, like a squirrel) over the wood” in The Tale of Egore’s Campaign, but Zheng Chunhui, China’s most gifted wood carving, truly extends his thinking over the tree. How else to describe his magnificent creation, which spans over 12 metres in length? This invention was inducted into the Guinness Book of Records due to its enormous height.

Деревянная скульптура, вдохновленная полотном *По реке в день Цинмина*

Zheng Chunhui honed his carving skills to excellence. This high elevation took the artist four years to make from a simple wood. Obviously, the work’s size is remarkable, but so is the jewelry’s accuracy with whereby each element is duplicated.

Деревянная скульптура от Zheng Chunhui попала в Книгу рекордов Гиннесса

The classic picture ”By the River on the Day of Qingming,” constructed in the 12th century at the Song Dynasty’s court, was the inspiration for Zheng Chunhui’s painting. The day of sorrow for the departed, Qingming, is a traditional Chinese festival. It is usually observed in April, when people take advantage of the pleasant weather to walk out into environment and pay respects to their relatives’ tombs.

12-метровая деревянная скульптура от Zheng Chunhui

The scroll ”By the River on the Day of Qingming” is so well-known around the globe that Europeans commonly refer to it as the ”Chinese Mona Lisa.” During the original’s life, many of versions on the topic were developed; some paintings are so enormous that they reach 5-6 meters long, and there is even an 11-meter variant depicting over 4,000 individuals. Zheng Chunhui took great care in creating his rendition of the picture, not modernising anything and instead attempting to keep the essence of chinese History.

12-метровая деревянная скульптура от Zheng Chunhui

Zheng Chunhui’s wooden ”canvas” depicts the lives of the rich and poor in a tiny community. The artist meticulously replicated everything, including small dwellings, ships, and even 550 small human beings. Su re, Zheng Chunhui’s artwork will become an important part of Chinese culture.

12-метровая деревянная скульптура от Zheng Chunhui

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