Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet: The Reason Behind Their 16-Year Relationship Coming to an End

It became known why the couple years broke up.🧐😳

Jason Momoa recently made a statement confirming his split from Lisa Bonet.

Became known the reason for the breakup of Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet, who were in a relationship for 16 years.

After living for 16 years, the couple officially got married in 2017. Although the Game of Thrones star mentioned that they still love each other, he expressed his desire to no longer limit each other’s freedom, and didn’t dive further clarification. Now the details of the breakup have become known.

For a greater period of time, their marriage seemed idyllic. Although their life paths began to diverge at some point.

Some insiders told People that the decision to break up was not sudden. Jason and Lisa took their time to make sure they couldn’t save their once happy marriage.

“They decided to break up due to different aspirations. A few years ago, Jason struggled to find a job, but now his career is booming, and he wants to continue acting actively. Lisa is not ready to accompany him on trips to different cities. She prefers to live in Los Angeles,” shared a secret info source.

The continuing detachment has become a serious test for the loud couple.

However, Jason and Lisa could maintain human relations for their children. The insider stressed that their separation will not entail a dispute, and they intend to resolve all issues peacefully like grown up people.


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