Japanese curator, who trained gravity. Magnificent sculpture from a coin!

Magnificent sculpture from a coin…

He goes by the name Tanu on social media, but no one knows who he is, how he looks, or what he does. Hoti is the most divisive of the three – so much so that such a delicate balance of creation from regular coins is only ephemeral. Command Lemurov.net is aware that many of his hobbyists are insane, but he deserves it at the very least for a fun sculpting month.

We’ll need the following items:

– a couple of wooden sticks (you can get them from ice cream)

– a strong adhesive

– a water-resistant lacquer to keep the wood from rotting

– moss-sphagnum moss-sphagnum moss-sphagnum moss-sphag

– plant adhesive that is non-toxic

– a selection of succulent sprouts

Step 1: Get the Sticks

It is sufficient to cut them to one size so that even edges form and it is simple to join the fragments into a single whole.

Step 2: Building the Pallet Frame

To make it look like a box, we fold the superglue and bind the sticks together. The transverse plates are then glued together at an equal spacing.

Don’t forget to secure one spacer stick for further support. By analogy with the first row, we flip the pallet over and make the second row of transverse plates.

Step 3: Lacquering

We finish the pallet by applying a protective lacquer to the wood. I don’t want the pallet to get wet and fall apart before it’s time to use it as a flower pot.

Step 4: Add Moss

Nothing difficult here: we divide the sphagnum into lumps and carefully insert it between the sticks to fill the pallet’s interior.

Step 5: Planting Succulents

Because small succulent seedlings are difficult to stick to moss, you can aid yourself by using a non-toxic adhesive. Succulents are extremely resilient and persistent plants, so they will take root and already be holding on to the base.

Step 6: That’s it

We examine our composition once again, removing small roughness and faults. The ”leaky” form of the pallet will make it easy to snip off unwanted roots and leaves as the succulents grow. The moss will act as a ground, retaining a small amount of moisture.

Source: Lemurov

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