Japanese Artists Continue Shocking The World. These Stamps Reduce Stresses.

When you do not have something you start to find ways to obtain it. If it makes you happier then do it.

What entertainments find children! There are broad masses of bored people who every season wait for their idols to show them new amusements. Even if it is stupid. Japanese stamps with imitation of squashed mosquitoes have become a new trend.

No, it isn’t a joke. These are made by EcoD Works company. They sell it for $18.

As it is known everyone dreams about swatting impudent mosquitoes on their skin personally

Some people are fortunate to live in a place where this entertainment is actual whole year long. Others are tormented – not a single buzzing creature around, silence and grace. Come on, mosquito, come and bite me! And suddenly it happens, but people, filled with joy, forget to record this fact. And then they point fingers at them and say “don’t make it up” No evidence, no one believes.

And here this item is needed

You can decorate yourself with the marks of defeated mosquitoes

The prints are realistic and are made professionally

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Source: Lemurov

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