It’s so cute to see how white bear mom, and baby, play in the snow in Finland

These wonderful photos were taken at Ranua Wildlife Park in Finland.

How fun a bear cub can spend time with his big mother, a white bear. In the photograph of the amateur photographer John Daniels, the female polar bear is permanently playing in the snow with her little bear.

These wonderful photos were taken in Ranua Wildlife Park in Finland. John came to these blessed places for white bears, especially in order to photograph them during the appearance of a new offspring.

«I came to Ranua in order to photograph white bears in their natural habitat. I really wanted to see females with their cubs. And I was incredibly lucky that I met this bear with her plush bear. My patience was rewarded», said the 64-year-old Englishman.

The charming baby then molested his mother, grabbed her face, then climbed on top of her, and then just lay in front of her. Sometimes they lie, hugging in the snow.

But sometimes the bear, like any mother, made it clear to her cub that she did not really like his overly cheeky behavior.

«Ranua Wildlife Park is a paradise for White Bears, but not for us, people», said Mr. Daniels. «But I was warmed by hope for a long-awaited meeting», said an elderly man.

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