It was truly incredible: these divers were able to save and free the whale shark from the fishing net

These divers had no idea that they would be acclaimed as heroes.

Divers Simone Musumechi and Antonio Di Franca planned to see amazing underwater sights while diving off Fuvahmulah Island in the Maldives.

But they did not suspect that at the end of the day, after a spectacular rescue, they would be recognized as heroes.

They have a scuba diving company, and while traveling in the waters of the Arabian Sea in late December last year, they came across a huge whale shark that was in serious need of help.

When one of the group members spotted the giant aquatic creature, they decided to return to the ship.

“Our guide Gianluca, who was on the boat, was shouting ’whale shark,’” Musumechi told Cater News.

“I put my breathing mask back on and immediately looked under the water.”

Simone and Antonio returned to the ocean in a valiant attempt to save the unfortunate creature while the rest of the gang boarded the boat.

The divers’ efforts finally paid off after more than ten minutes, when they were able to cut the rope and free the distressed whale.

“It took us about ten minutes to free the shark, and all this time she dragged us while we held on to the rope,” says the narrator.

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