It was really impossible to leave him there: this woman saves a kitten left alone at a height of 40 meters

The driver noticing the kitten turned around as quickly as possible.

This is the big story of the day. Nicole Toni never expected to be the heroine of a small rescue operation. The Texan stopped on the bridge to pick up a cub perched precariously on the edge. Rescue meeting…

On the way home Nicole Toni made a terrible discovery. While driving across the bridge, she saw a small ball of fur curled up on the edge, more than 40 meters above the Neches River.

By the time she realized it was a baby, she had already passed him. Therefore, the driver turned around as quickly as possible.

Nicole parked on the side, a few meters from the animal, so as not to frighten him. “I approached slowly because I was afraid of heights and I was afraid that he would jump,” she admitted.

Although she was petrified, Nicole mustered up her courage and carefully picked up the young cat and placed him in her car.

The kitten was named Ducky. No one knows how he got into this dangerous situation. Nicole noted that some people abandon their pets in the area…

When Daki crossed the threshold of his heroine’s house, he was treated to delicious food. After such trials, the little kitten could not even dream of a better meeting. Nicole decided to keep him by mutual agreement with her husband.

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