«It was interesting the reason for this act»: V. Beckham explained the removal of a tattoo dedicated to her husband

Rumors regularly circulate on the Web about the imminent divorce of the couple.

Victoria and David Beckham are one of the strongest and most famous couples in the world.

However, rumors about the imminent divorce of the couple regularly go on the network, and some Internet users even assure that in fact, these two have not been living together for many years.

Like, at some point Victoria was just tired of her husband’s constant adventures on the side, but she decided to preserve the illusion of an ideal marriage.

And sometimes Vicki and David themselves give a reason for such conversations.

For example, last month, Beckham fans noticed that she removed a tattoo on her husband from her wrist.

This, of course, sounded almost like a recognition that the couple would soon divorce. However, in the new issue of today’s show, Victoria said that in fact there is behind this decision.

The designer emphasized that for the past few years, she gradually removes tattoos stuffed in her youth.

The time has come for a tattoo dedicated to the spouse. And it’s not about feelings for him. Victoria simply did not like the tattoo itself.

«They are simply not very elegant. My decision was dictated only by this», Beckham explained, refuting the news about the impending divorce.

At the same time, Victoria emphasized that they are delighted with tattoos on the body of her husband and children. In her opinion, these tattoos look much better than those that she had.

«The media began to make assumptions about whether I left my husband. But I just feel sick of my tattoos. Nothing more», concluded Beckham.

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