«It was a very difficult moment in my life»: Cristiano Ronaldo openly spoke about the loss of a newborn son

Once Cristiano spoke in detail about what he experienced.

This year is difficult to call Cristiano Ronaldo simple in life.

Recently, his successes in football have become much less noticeable. And last spring, a tragedy happened in the athlete’s family-he lost his newborn son.

Of course, the striker immediately informed the followers about this, but no longer returned to this topic.

However, in an interview with Pierce Morgan, which managed to become one of the most scandalous last year, Cristiano spoke in detail about the experience.

«This is probably the most difficult moment in my life since I said goodbye to my father», Ronaldo admitted.

«When you have a child, the thought does not even appear in your head that something will go wrong. And when there is any problem, it is incredibly difficult», Cristiano emphasized.

According to him, he and Georgina Rodriguez were really difficult to cope with what happened.

Talking with the journalist, telling all this, Ronaldo with great difficulty restrained his tears and picked up his words.

One of the most severe aspects of grief for the football player was that he was practically not given time to restore.

«Football did not stop. At that moment we had a lot of competition», the athlete explained.

He added that he keeps the ashes of his son Angel in the chapel of his house, next to the ashes of his father. Cristiano claims that he often visits both of them and talks to them.

«I know that they are on my side. And you know, they help me to become better in every way. And they especially help me become the best person and the best father», the football player shared his thoughts.

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