«It is obvious that she is not the same beauty»: Elle’s aged body is already in a bikini

 «It is obvious that she is not the same beauty»: Elle’s aged body is already in a bikini

The 58-year-old model flaunted her well-known body in a black zip-up one-piece.

Photo by El MacPherson on Instagram in a new swimsuit stunned her subscribers. The 58-year-old model and an entrepreneur in the field of health flaunted her famous body in the black overalls on the zipper.

In the picture taken by her ex-husband as a house Bensimon, MacPherson, who seemed tanned and relaxed, sparkled with her famous smile, putting on black sunglasses and holding a beige summer hat in her hands.

Next to the photograph, the words of the Buddhist monk Through Thit Khan have been printed: «Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be a source of your joy».

«Thank you @gilles Bensimon for making me smile today», she added.

The picture rolled up more than 30,000 people, and hundreds of good comments were left.

Melissa Odabash, the designer of swimwear, wrote: “As always, a beauty.”

I liked the post of such celebrities as Jennifer Aniston and Elizabeth Herley.

One fan remarked: «Still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen».

The other said: «Beautiful, sexy, sophisticated».

Absolutely amazing … a Great picture: I do not believe that she has old. As a great wine, ”the subscriber remarked.

«You are aging in the opposite direction and, of course, outside of time! What kind of strange voodoo is this?», the other asked.

In a separate image in a swimsuit for his Welleco brand, published on January 13, MacPherson drinks from a bottle of water and flaunts his still beautiful physique, putting on white swimming trunks.