It all ended well: this dog fell into the well and only a month later he was found and could be saved

There was some water in the well, which helped him stay alive.

John and Cindy Billsberger’s beloved dog, Bruno, had to leave home. Urgently searching for him for a month, John and Cindy began to think of the worst.

The other day, John saw a street dog about half a mile from home, showing a very strange interest in a certain place. While he was getting to the place, he came across a ten-pound (~3 m) slick, which may have been an abandoned well.

Bruno lay at the bottom of the well. He was in a very bad condition, his eyes were sunken, and his body was covered with wounds and cuts. John knew he had to act now.

The man called his son. The young man approached, tied a rope around his waist, jumped into the well and helped the dog out.

Residents of Billisburg took the injured dog to the nearest medical center in Estevan, Canada, where doctors immediately began to treat the dog.

As a result, Bruno was found to be dehydrated. According to the veterinarians, he was very lucky that there was some water in the well, which helped him stay alive.

So far, Bruno is even now in the veterinary medical center, but his health is on the mend.

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