Interesting story: this girl showed the whole process of turning a newborn into a gorgeous parrot

Surely everyone would like to follow this amazing process at least once.

It is difficult to argue with the fact that children grow up very quickly and it does not matter what kind of children we are talking about: about strangers, about our own, or maybe not at all about human children, but about small birds and animals. Little miracles grow very fast. Surely everyone would like to follow this amazing process at least once. Here is one girl who decided to show how a macaw parrot chick changes from hatching to two months. She raised the chick herself and there is a huge difference between the first and last photo!

This is what a newborn macaw looked like when it just hatched.

The cutie is so small!

His owner decided to make a photo report to show how the cutie will grow and change.

He was very defenseless and clumsy.

He was blind and bald.

According to commentators, he looked like he had just stood up.

It seems that he already knew how to enjoy life.

Has anyone in the family had a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

The eyes of the little creature have not yet opened, and the claws are already sharp.

And the beak looks pretty menacing too.

Now my eyes are open.

And the feathers are growing too.

Although the head is still almost bald.

Here comes the fluffy creature.

But the head is not in a hurry to grow.

I must say that it does not look very attractive.

And the baby has grown a lot.

His head began to turn red.

These colored feathers are like brushes of different colors.

The growth on the beak has long since disappeared.

The head is completely covered with feathers.

And voila! This is what the same chick Raul looks like two months later.

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