Interesting story: this big white shark “God of war” has insurmountable scars

 Interesting story: this big white shark “God of war” has insurmountable scars

A giant shark was discovered with traces of bites and scars throughout the body.

Underwater filmmaker Dean Prekazman removed this 11-year-old white eagle near the islands of Neptune in South Australia. About 1000 large white sharks live here.

A huge predator was wounded throughout the skin with scars, folded next to the old scars. It stands out in the ocean when it is surrounded by other small fish.

There are many doubts about the scars of this big white shark. Nobody saw so much wounded red white shark yet. They suggested that, perhaps, the screws of boats damaged the shark or that it was stuck in tuna cells in this area, so she has such deep and long scars. Another version – scars from hunting with slopes, maybe the chase went into a small reef, could get stuck in such a sharp place.

However, the researcher of National Geographic, Professor Yannis Papastamatiu, says the scars are the result of the dominant interaction between sharks or their prey, seals. A large white shark can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh up to 2.5 tons.

With the wounded body of the “God of the Ocean War”, he looks rather fierce and warlike. However, Dean Permanan, full of surprise, admits that a large white shark is really friendly and calm. He seems indifferent to the difficulties through which he passed, and does not pay attention to his fierce appearance.

The most popular habitats of large white sharks in the world are the coast of Australia, California and South Africa. Sometimes these giant predators are found in the Mediterranean. The islands of Neptune, where the shark scars covered with scars, were also known as a tourist direction for large white sharks.

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