Interesting scene: this beautiful cat was on the beach for the first time and realized that she loves to swim

Once the owner took the cat to the beach, not understanding how she would like it.

Nathan was discovered in a box on the side of a busy road with her mother and two brothers when she was only a few weeks old. Nathan was quickly accepted into the best new family after the RSPCA enthusiastically spotted and accepted the little family.

Melissa Pietrobuono, Nathan’s mother, told The Dodo: “We named her Nathan as a joke before we adopted her”.

“Nathan is a character on the Angry Boys sitcom that both my partner and I like. Even though it’s not exactly a feminine name, we fell in love with the name as soon as we brought her home.

We still find it funny and can’t imagine her having a different name”.

From the moment she arrived at her new home, Nathan was fascinated by her parents and she began to follow them everywhere they went.

Nathan is always there, ready to help them in everything they do, whether it’s watching TV, trying to finish dinner or peacefully relaxing.

Nathan is a house cat, but her parents wanted her to be able to spend time outdoors too, so they taught her to walk with a harness and leash.

They live close to the sea, so they took her there one day for training, not realizing how much the little cat would love it.

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