«Interesting house from transport containers»: a talented guy built a cozy house, and the result is amazing

It is located in the forest on the outskirts of Ottawa and has wonderful nature.

Recently, a talented young man named Joseph Dupui designed a cozy house of 3 naval containers.

It is located in one of the forests on the outskirts of Ottawa, Canada, and has excellent nature.

Each of the containers costs $ 3400.

The cozy house of Joseph with an area of 32.98 square meters is a one-story house with heated floors.

In addition, solar panels are installed in his modern and beautiful house on the roof, thanks to which saves a lot of energy.

It took a young talented person only 3 months to complete this amazing vacation in the hut.

This 29-year-old guy is a substantial engineer who studied at Algonket College.

He calls his cozy beautiful place a «gigantic scientific experiment» since his creation is an ugly architectural solution.

However, Joseph is not going to stop there: now he plans to supreme another floor for the bathroom with a glass ceiling.

A creative and hardworking young man who always dreamed of building such an unusual building.

And he managed to embody his dreams into reality.

His project is amazing!

He worked on this brilliant idea since his studies and was able to fulfill his dreams.

However, as he mentioned, his only problem is not sufficiently heated walls that may not support enough heat in the rooms.

But he promised to appear with a new solution if his project does not work.

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