Interesting appearance: this gray kitten with a unique muzzle won millions of hearts

 Interesting appearance: this gray kitten with a unique muzzle won millions of hearts

The owner of an unusual cat found a pet in the backyard of her private house.

An unusual cat named Fedya lives in Rostov-on-Don, about which almost the whole world has learned. We at decided to tell you about this amazing pet.

Fedor’s main feature is his eyes. They are set very close and wide open, as if the cat is always in a surprised or dumbfounded state.

The owner of the unusual cat is Natalia Zhdanova. She found the pet in the backyard of her private home.

It was brought by a local stray cat, which also had huge eyes: for this, the animal was given the unusual name White-Eyed. But who Fedya’s father was is unclear, but features of a British or Scottish breed are clearly visible in his appearance.

Fedya was special since childhood. He was poorly oriented in space, moved with difficulty and lagged far behind his sister in development. The mother of the kittens soon disappeared, so Natalya, taking pity, decided to shelter the animals.

The kitten managed to find new owners quite quickly, but the cat had little chance due to its features. Therefore, a caring girl decided to keep the animal and take care of it.

Once a neighbor’s five-month-old cat Krasavchik visited Natasha’s house while the owners were not at home. He became very attached to Fedya and even felt like his adoptive father: he licked, taught “cat” tricks, showed care and support.

Fedor’s eyes were treated for a long time, but now they are watering again, so treatment is required again. Also, the cat has overly mobile joints, so it can take the most strange and funny poses, spreading its paws wide and making the hostess and other family members laugh.

And the rest of Fedya is quite ordinary. He is curious, runs fast and has fun.

The household members consider him normal, and the rest are simply delighted with the unique Fedor. His photographs were scattered around the world and were published in well-known media in Germany, Japan, Great Britain and other countries.