Inexplicable loyalty: these two dogs did not agree to leave their owner in an ambulance

These loyal 2 dogs were able to accompany the owner in the ambulance.

It was out of the question for Bob and Kiara to leave their master without them as a victim of discomfort. Although two dogs were able to accompany him in the ambulance, they had to wait outside the hospital for his return. Their patience paid off.

This is one of the most touching stories told by The Dodo.

A victim of anxiety, the man passed out on the street. Help was called and an ambulance arrived. The SAMU 192 team did not expect this man to have company.

In fact, the man was surrounded by his two dogs, a male named Bob and a female named Kiara. They refused to leave their master and watched him even if he was unconscious.

Then the rescuers decided to deliver them by ambulance. A pair of quadrupeds jumped into the car and deftly took their place under the stretcher on which their man lay.

Patricia Yolanda, head of SAMU 192 and author of a Facebook post about these facts, explains her colleagues’ approach.

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