«Image of Madonna’s daughter was stunning»: Lourdes wore a dress with torn edges on vacation

Her unique sense of style and fearlessness in her choice surprised everyone.

Lourdes Leon, also known as Lola, is not alien to fashion and style.

Being the daughter of Madonna, she from a young age got acquainted with the world of fashion and music and drew inspiration in the implacable and bold sense of the style of her mother.

Her recent photos from the vacation on Instagram, where she is dressed in a torn black dress, exposing her underwear and tan, are a reflection of her own choice of fashion and style.

She takes a bold look with ease and confidence.

Her companion Eartheater, who is 33 years old, also adds to the promising atmosphere to photographs.

Recently, two women have been inseparable and even worked together on music.

Eartheater also produced and shot an accompanying music video that covers the culture of street clothing of the late 90s and early 2000s.

In the video, Lourdes sings «Whisky Me Away» in a body with cutouts in the BDSM style, which further emphasizes the fearless and implacable fashion and style of the duet.

Musical video is a true reflection of the personalities and style of the duet.

Their friendship and cooperation in the field of music and fashion led to a unique and exciting combination of style and sound.

Lourdes Leon continues to prove that she is an icon of fashion, adopting the irreconcilable style of her mother and making it her own.

The result of her cooperation with Earthheater was a unique and exciting combination of music and fashion, which demonstrates their personality and style.

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