How wonderful pets are: this unique dog does what her beloved owner tells her to do

This dog has picked up on almost everything that her owner does during the day.

When it comes to our love for dogs, I think we each have our own reasons why they hold such a special place in our hearts.

Most of the time it’s just the fact that they are there for us day in and day out and they are one of the most loyal creatures on earth.

A dog’s loyalty goes far beyond greeting us when we get home and sitting next to us when we’ve had a hard day.

They are also eager to please, and this fact is perfectly shown in Ali. Ali was adopted by Daniela Carrera, who loved the dog’s energy.

You see, Daniela is a dog trainer and she knew she could be the perfect service dog.

As it turned out, she was right, but Ali is much more than that. Daniela talks about Ali and how she helps train other dogs. If dogs come in with aggressive tendencies, Ali will help smooth things over and teach by example what it takes to be a calm and loving dog.

In addition, it seems that Ali has taken over almost everything that her owner does during the day. Daniela shares a video with her beloved dog as she follows her and does everything she does.

This is the type of loyalty we often see in dogs, but Ali takes it to the extreme.

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