How Unique These People Are! Albinos As The Symbol Of Clearness And Kindness.

People must be kind to each other and respect the differences they have.

Photographer Yulia Kravts is the author of magnificent photoshoot project of people- albinos. She represents them as unique models of clearness and beauty. The opinions about this genetic defect are different, but this artist represents the awesome side of their beauty.

Albinos are not “white” people. They don’t have any pigmentation, color of skin and hair

Not only people but also animals can be albinos.

Excellent example of albino human and chinchilla.

There are 2 types of this genetic difference: full and partial.

This should not be confused with grizzle. They are different things and look different.

Cosmetics suits to the albino faces

The vast majority of the albino models are the youth but there are also models of elder generation

Modern science considers this as a disease

The average statistics about the albinos is 1 albino per 20.000 people

In Tanzania: 1 albino per 1400 people

In India: 1 albino per 145 people

The genetics is guilty for that.

Every nationality has albinos

Their beauty is compared with the attraction of white porcelain

Albinos are unique people.

Do you have albinos in your surroundings?

Source: Lemurov

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