How to make a wonderful DIY seat out of cinder blocks

An amazing DIY seat

Although garden furniture is lovely, we must warn you that it may be quite expensive. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to save a little cash on products of this sort, and we have the DIY for that!

A contemporary backyard seat made of concrete blocks was previously posted by YouTuber Adam Holman, who also provided step-by-step instructions.

His stunning and cutting-edge DIY cinder block seat simply needs a few concrete blocks, some 4X4 wood, and building glue.

To build the ideal garden furniture, you won’t need to be a mechanic. Unbelievably, the job can be completed without the use of a drilling, and all the materials required may be purchased at a nearby grocery or local hardware store.

The finished item has an industrial design and a contemporary appearance. You can construct your own pillows or buy some when it finally happens to decorate the seat portion, according on your preferences. If you really want to give the seat a little extra flair, throw pillows are a terrific touch.

For complete directions on building the DIY concrete block seat, view his fantastic guide:

Source: 12tomatoes

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