How to build a DIY wood-fired stock tank hot tub

Amazing and comfortable hot tub

Making something for your garden out of stock tanks is one of the more well-liked Designs that come and go. Although it sometimes entails a summertime DIY project, like building a pool or a bathtub, you may still make something for your garden this wintertime. We are specifically discussing hot tubs with stock tanks.

This unusual DIY project was the creation of Homestyle Modern designer Ben Uyeda. To help you put one together for yourself, he even made a video. If you have the essential equipment, you can do the task for less than $300 and, if you’re handy, in under two hours. This Simple project is a real steal when compared to the price of a typical warm bath.

A sizable stock container, sand, cement, copper piping, and a few pipe fittings are a few of the materials you’ll need to build the wood-fired hot tub. To get stuff going, you will also need wood.

Such a do-it-yourself project would add a touch of understated elegance to most back gardens. When the seasons change colder, it’s also a fantastic way to unwind.

For your information, here is the clip:

Source: 12tomatoes

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