How This Artist Could Get This Emotional Sculpture Of The Wood! Magnificent Work!

Glory and money don’t bring happiness to a child if he feels alone. Take care of your children!

If Papa Carlo really bad an idea to cut a little son out of a log, then he would certainly have to think about supplying the child with toys. And with whom do children like to play, even wooden ones? Of course, with big teddy bears. This is known to the German sculptor Mario Dilitz, who recently presented his new work called “Best Friend”.

Деревянная скульптура, изображающего мальчика с плюшевым медведем

The realistic sculpture of a naked young boy evokes a subtle feeling of loneliness and longing. The work of Mario Dilitz is very close to the anatomically ideal sculptures of Bruno Walpot. Both sculptors create life-size human figures that evoke a strong emotional feedback from the viewer. In particular, Mario Dilitz tries to depict a psychological portrait of a child whose only friend is a toy. The artist pays special attention to the look and posture of the boy, the color and texture of wood are close to human skin.

Лучший друг: реалистическая деревянная скульптура от Mario Dilitz

The main difference between the works of Mario Dilitz is that the sculptor ”collected” the body of the young man in parts. First, he carved separate elements from the wood, and then connected them together. At the junction, you can see dried glue, peculiar red lines. They remind ”life lines” or a system of blood vessels, which makes the sculpture look even more realistic.

Мастерская Mario Dilitz

Лучший друг: реалистическая деревянная скульптура от Mario Dilitz

Do you think that money can bring happiness to a child?

Source: Kulturologia

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