How the traditional craft of wood carving turned into modern art

 Traditional art turnes into modern art

Работы Сергея Бобкова.

Wood has been a favourite material for brilliant people all across the world since prehistoric times. Comparable wood toys and ornaments, as well as wooden tools and decorative objects, may be found in practically each house. For many ages, wood has been the most essential material for sculpture. Although the days of wood pagan idols and painted saints’ images are gone, artists have not forgotten about the tree, transforming the old craftsmanship into a form of contemporary art.

Sergey Bobkov, a schoolteacher and a little of a wizard, has created a tree.

Деревянные птицы Сергея Бобкова.

Territory settlement of Kozhany. He was involved in basket weaving, pottery, carving, and furniture creation as a man truly concerned about creative, but he eventually found a vocation that delighted him. He spends all of his spare time making magnificent wood sculptures that appear to be alive and well, as if the owl is going to flap its wings and the lynx is about to leap. He even created an amazing technology that allows you to make genuine fleece or plumage a few decades previously. The master first investigates the anatomical structure of the creature, as well as its behaviors and characteristics of life, before creating a wood model and covering it with pre-prepared wood chippings.

Пиксельная фигура спортсмена.

Shavings – the substance is inexpensive, accessible, simple to use, and comes in a variety of colours. To make chips with the appropriate elastic properties, soak a hardwood block in water prior; it will then not break throughout the process. He may devote a year or two to a single artwork, working 10 hours a day, and his preferred substance is Siberian wood. Today, as if in antiquity, a particular continuation of generations has emerged in the master’s family, with his son Artem now working alongside him on the manufacture of wooden creatures. A centre for the teaching of traditional handicrafts and wood sculpture is also in the works.

Hsu Tun Khan and wooden pixels

Деревянные скульптуры с пикселями.

Hsu Tung Khan is a Taiwanese artist noted for his grid and design flaw wooden works. Put simply, the outlines of humans and animals appear to break down into pixels, shedding any resemblance to a living body, or are ripped apart by ”interference,” which could relate to a true picture failure or the water movement…

Скульптура Джессики Дренк из карандашей.

Sculptor’s creations, which resemble the form and flaws of a digital photo, are commonly associated with critiques of our culture, which is unduly involved in digital Technology to the extent of utter disintegration in it.

Jessica Drenck’s surreal pencil art

Скульптуры Джессики Дренк.

Abstractionism has fully established itself in the sphere of painting and sculpture, having exhausted its potential in painting. New unconventional substances, a blend of art projects and contemporary art, surprising subjects and perspectives – the younger influx of artists has substantially revitalised what had previously appeared to be a stale trend.

Скульптуры Вилли Вергинера.

Jessica Drenck is one of these painters, and she makes lyrical nebulous creations out of regular pencils. She converts commercially created ordinary materials into natural-looking forms, such as pieces of wood and strange snags, multi-colored natural stone, aquatic life, and lichens.

Willy Verginer’s mystical reality

Скульптуры Вилли Вергинера.

Willy Verginer, a South Tyrol native, is one of the most well-known sculptures of our time, who favors wood over plaster or metal. Sculptures made from local native trees such as apple and linden are devoted to the complicated interaction that exists between humanity and nature. Who are we: the real kids of Mother Earth or the real enemy of everything? Is our life essentially artificial, or are we one with each and every living entity around us? Kids scream out for justice or dissolve amid the sky and leaves in Verginer’s works as the most ”organic” animals. People either assault hills or vanish in the face of tremendous force.

Проросшая мебель Камиля Качани.

The artist, on the other side, is fearful of obtaining the negative reputation of an artist supporting the ecological agenda, notwithstanding his genuine concern for the plight of the planet. His works are dedicated to literature, music, and works of literature. Verginer has always presented himself as a ”museum” artist who does not attempt to impress the general public, and even less so, affluent clients.

Camille Cachani and woody surrealism

Мебель и садовый инвентарь в одном... объекте.

Camille Cachani is a furnishings designer from Brazil with Lebanese roots. It’s only now that he’s a worthy heir to visionary artists that it’s tough to use it. Gardening equipment, household appliances, chairs, and shelves develop branches and turn green with leaves, and are no longer considered a person.

Characters created by Yen Ju-Lin

Деревянные игрушки мастера из Тайваня.

However, Taiwanese artist Yen Jui-Ling does not inspire viewers to consider environmental problems or the preservation of species diversity. He amuses, and his fantastic creatures are appealing to the sight… and, to be honest, touch the heart. We all adored making crafts out of acorns and pods as kids, but they were so small, fleeting, and fleeting… However, the master’s toys are long-lasting and dependable. Each figure, whether it’s a beech or a chestnut, is based on a fairy tale.

King of the Wood Birds, Rex Homan

Деревянные птицы Рекса Хомана.

Rex Homan is a New Zealand-based painter. He was born in Auckland and later relocated to the Gulf of Plenty, where he took inspiration in the natural surroundings. He nearly solely uses kauri wood in his work (the scientific name is southern agathis). Kauri is one of the oldest evergreen tree species, dating back to the Jurassic period and calling attention to the fall and rise of dinosaurs. Kauri trees are thought to have first appeared on our globe 150 million years ago, and their wood is extraordinarily resilient to deterioration and bugs. But it’s not just the substance that distinguishes Homan’s work as ”genuine New Zealand.” He is inspired tremendously by the music and lifestyle of the persons of Oceania as a sculptor, and his favourite theme is the birds that live these lands.

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