How The Fashion Changed Modern Girls. Look At These Photos And Compare!

Modern fashion is based on the main aspects of the old fashion.

As almost everything, the perceptions of the fashion were different from the current one.  Women with refined facial features, slim waist and wide hips were praised.

How different were the girls of the XX hundreds    captured in the photos

It is worth mentioning that it is difficult to distinguish them from modern beauties. Perhaps it is because of the sight. It is soulful, expressive and sensitive in old photos.

Sometimes clothings are found guilty in it. They are atmospheric, feminine and transform the female figure and the perception of the girl in total.

Some people think that everything is for unique types. Cosmetics was actively used in that years, but the girls didn’t put their faces under the unified standards. They paid much attention to their advantages and never were shy of being out of the frames of the conventional beauty.

Now the perception of the beauty has changed because of the tendency of plastic surgery, injections and photoshop. Is it for the better or for the worse? Everyone decides for himself. Just remember your Instagram feed.


Have you ever used photoshop?  Are you for plastic surgery?

Source: Lemurov

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