How quickly and easily bend wood when decorating the interior

Flexible wood used to decorate the interior

It is self-evident that wood is not iron, and hence bending it with metalworking tools and raw force will not work. However, none of this precludes the tree from being twisted in concept. Furthermore, getting the proper form of a piece of wood is not as tough as it may appear at first. With a little effort and care, anyone can obtain a rounded blank if they so wish.

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Rounded wood is widely utilized in the furniture industry, as well as in finishing. With a little experience, the user will find that bending wood pieces is an easy and even simple task. Obviously, there will be no way to get by without using special equipment in this situation.

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First and foremost, we require a steam generator for our job. You’ll also need piping glue, plastic wrap, and a pipe with a size of 160 mm and a length of 2 meters for external drainage. After you’ve completed all of the above, you can move on to the next phase: building the steam room.

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First, we’ll create a ”steam engine.” To accomplish so, take a sewage pipe and use sticky tape to build a stopper at one of its ends. We only partially glue the other end of the pipe, making a kind of converter for the steam generator (we leave a hole of about 50 mm). The connection is made even more secure by bonding polyethylene around the tube with the provided steam generator.

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The steam chamber is then filled with wooden blanks. The steam machine’s internal infrastructure is connected and electrified, the steam generator is started, and the wood is left in the pipeline for 18 hours. The wood blank can be acquired after the deadline has passed. The substance will become extremely supple, soft, and stretchy. It will be feasible to give the blank a form without trouble in the future.

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