How pieces of wood can serve as means of transportation! This idea grabbed the attention of famous brands.

Creativity has no limits. You can make simple things look wonderful.

A car is luxury for someone, means of transportation for another one, but this retired person who is 71 years old it is a subject of art. He made Volkswagen Beetle from wood pieces and it took him 2 years

Деревянный Volkswagen Beetle.Уникальный Volkswagen Beetle из дерева.Фрагмент деревянного Volkswagen Beetle.

For every process he needed 23 operations. It differs from other masterpieces for its wooden parts of car even with a radio. The car can completely be used by the creator.

Volkswagen Beetle из дерева.Автомобиль из дерева.Momir Bojic.

The owner of the idea and car says that he is stopped very often by the police. They just want to have photos by this extraordinary wooden car. This retired man takes care of the wooden parts of his car in the way that he does it with furniture.  He takes care of his wooden treasure.

Творение Momir Bojic.Деревянный Фольксваген Жук.

You can see everything made of the wood but this one differs for its creativity and the idea. Even the company of Volkswagen made another version of the car

Do you like this idea? Would you like to travel by this car?

Source: Novate

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