How One Of The Manufacturers Ordered The Most Creative Whiskey Bottle! What It Is Made Of Is Shocking!

It is not always easy to get orders that will be in your taste, too. This idea became one of the best works of this artist.

There is a variety of methods for representing the creative ideas. A beekeeper and painter Robin Terron got an order from a manufacturer of whiskey who produced a new drink with honey flavor and wanted a bottle of honeycombs.

The bees are hardworking creatures, you just need to know how to rule them

Terron made a plastic bottle where he put honeycomb wax

The form became a hive for the swarm of 80 bees that started to build inside of the honeycomb

The whole process is natural. The bees built the construction of the given form

Then they removed the plates accurately and resettled the bees to a new place

They got ideal sculpture of the honeycomb bottle that became an advertisement exponent

Do you like this design? Would you like to have your drink from the honeycomb bottle?

Source: Lemurov

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