How different are these wooden sculptures! This artist is magician!

Sometimes your professional skills of doing simple things that can do everyone become the main occupation and source of money.

Деревянная подушка от Дэна Уэбба

American sculptor, artist and ideologist of public art Dan Webb has concentrated his attention on creating things in public places for unready audience. His fabulous works are made of wood. He is for the principle “God in details”. For him, every detail is important, and even the texture of the wood must correspond to his demands.

Загадочные скульптуры американского художника

He was born in the family of teachers. He studied art at the college. Though he has rich arsenal of material, he prefers working with wood. The casual items like boots, pillows and balloons made of wood look quite ironic.

Одна из работ Дэна Уэбба

The artist says that the most dangerous thing of our days is laziness and thinks about the future of the population. The work he does isn’t innovation but few people do woodworking seriously. And this is the motivation of the artist.

Скульптуры Дэна Уэбба из дерева

When his brother was diagnosed with cancer, the artist did woodwork for meditation and for escaping problems. His brother died and just a plenty of sculptures remained.

Творчество Дэна Уэбба

This artist doesn’t consider his works art. He thinks that he does one of the traditional works that is business for him as he does it well.

He often exhibits his works both individually and in groups. You can find his works in the internet.

Работа американского скульптора Дэна Уэбба

Mandy Smith, the artist’s college, presented to the audience mini sculpture collection which totally is made of paper. In her works you can see simple things that have humorous flavour.


What casual things made of wood would you like to have?

Source: Kulturologia


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