How Can The Combination Of Wood And Cement Provide Your Discussion’s Safety

Swedish designers found a way to prevent your secrets from curious neighbors.

No matter where you are, you want to have your discussions and thoughts be protected. This was something difficult before the one of the Swedish design studio’s invention.

Our discussions are always interesting to the people leaving nearby or just to those who seem not to be interested. This important innovation helps us keep personal things in secret.

sound-absorbing wall tiles

So, the studio offers wall tiles that absorb sound. These tiles are made of materials like wood and cements. This studio collaborates with such companies that make the product trustworthy, cheap and impressive.

hexagonal wood wool modular panelssound-absorbing wall tiles bauxwood wool modular tiles

Using these tiles on your walls you can make the sound inside clearer and protect your ears from the outside noise. These tiles are water- and fireproof.

sound-absorbing wall tiles wood woolwood wool tiles sustainable materialsound-absorbing modular panels

The tiles are of different colors, sizes and shapes. You can choose whatever you want.

sound-absorbing wall tiles colorsbaux traullit wall tiles shapesbaux traullit wall tiles circle

Does the outside noise disturb you?

What actions do you take to absorb the sounds?

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