«Honest photos without makeup and filters»: Selena Gomez delighted fans and showed her natural beauty

The woman appeared in a relaxed form, without makeup, styling, and filters.

In the life of the famous singer and actress Selena Gomez, a period of harmony and absolute acceptance of herself finally came.

More recently, Selena repulsed the bodies that accused her of excess weight. And today she made a new post-manifesto in the name of naturalness and love for herself.

In the photo, the woman appeared in a relaxed form, without makeup, styling, and filters.

Selena obviously not only did not try to seem as ideal as on the red carpet but also seemed to deliberately show that she had her own shortcomings, like everyone else.

Such frankness caused a cold response: in the comments to the post, the singer’s followers left her thousands of comments with kind words and compliments.

The best friend of Selena Gomez Nikola Peltz Beckham also expressed her admiration, writing: «The most beautiful in the world».

If we have a chance someday, we will definitely press Selena for such a love for ourselves and the support of girls around the world.

It is not surprising that with its adoption of itself, the personal life of the star has established itself. On the Web, only her touching relations with musician Andrew Taggart are discussed on the network.

Although the singer has not yet made official statements, a couple has been caught more than once on dates.

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