Highway Rescue: Woman’s Quick Actions Save German Shepherd’s Life

 Highway Rescue: Woman’s Quick Actions Save German Shepherd’s Life

This is how a generous woman rescued a dog on the highway.đŸ„čđŸ„č

A German shepherd run into the highway and caused cars to slow down. A woman named Debbie Allen saw the dog who was terrified on the street and ran to help him so he wouldn’t be run over by vehicles.

She did her best to keep the dog safe and out of the path of oncoming traffic.

She revealed that the dog was limping, and she thought to herself that he was probably hit.

Allen, who also owns a dog, claimed that she had to halt when her dog began charging up the slope and stopped traffic. She hurried back to get the German Shepherd to make sure it would be safe, but as soon as it saw her, it bolted for the busy traffic.

She continued to drive and follow the dog as she wanted to know that he is in safety. And soon after Michigan State Police arrived to provide assistance.

She says that she sat the dog down and tried to explain that he is safe now. The dog was well fed, groomed, and had good manners and she thought that the dog run away due to his anxiety over being alone.

When the rescuers arrived, they were able to safely take care of the dog and got him out of the street, and as the dog didn’t have a microchip, they were trying to find the owners of the dog.