High school students are building tiny homes for needy people

Small homes for needy people

In high school, each of us took a course that was intended to impart important life skills, such as home economics or woodworking. But because they are studying how to build a new house, the children at a college in eastern Kentucky are ahead of the game!

Two Lee County Area Technology Center members in their junior year of high school, Logan Reed and AJ Maloney, have been working on building a 200-square-foot house for the past 6 months. A made – to – order house for an 81-year-old woman who lives in West Virginia is the subject of the one-year effort.

Tommy Judd, a carpentry teacher, assists the pupils as they progress from designs to a finished structure. Additionally, it’s difficult because they must be outside in all conditions.

We definitely have to work around the climate, Logan said in the clip above. Come out here in the cold or the heat.

Due to a grant from Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative, the construction programme was implemented 6 months ago. Children now have the opportunity to ”Build it Forward” one house at a time thanks to all the little houses that are being constructed.

”Once that modest house sold, that cash came back to us to invest into another,” Tommy said of the undertaking. We’ve progressed from a $15,000 smaller home to one that costs more than $30,000.

Tommy still has standards regarding to making things, even though they are kids. He wishes them to be as high-quality as the houses he constructed at his old workplace, houses that can endure all kinds of environmental factors.

”Bolted to the trailer, you see, these heavy storm bands and stuff, and some of that stuff is kind of costly, but Mr. Judd wanted to ensure the quality is there, and it turned up,” ATC Principal Craig Herald said in the conversation that follows.

I don’t believe a tent could have withstood that; Tommy added. ”They’re a small house, the size of an RV or a camper, but they’re made a whole lot sturdier.”

For the kids, it not only gives the opportunity to gain practical knowledge, but it also enables them to change the world. Their efforts aid in providing others with a place to live, which may be a great comfort for some individuals.

Depending on the kids’ accessibility because to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the home that is now under building should be ready later this year.

View the development:

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