Heroic move: this wonderful smart dog, seeing that the girl needs help, rushes to help her

Rescue dog rushes to help teenage girl suffering from anxiety attack.

Picasso was always looking for a loving family. Will his wish come true one day? A glimmer of hope was born during a Christmas parade that the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association participated in to raise awareness of adoption.

The dog was supposed to be named after a famous Spanish artist, but the shelter’s computer system registered him as Picasso due to a typo.

The latter was found wandering along one of the streets of Charleston (West Virginia, USA) in November 2021.

There was no collar or microchip on the animal, and no one claimed it. So he waited for the Kanawha-Charleston Humanist Association to take an interest in the new family.

On December 10 of the same year, the association took part in a Christmas parade to raise public awareness of the adoption.

Several residents trampled rubble in the company of volunteers. Next to Picasso was Kim Vigneau.

“When I first met him, he immediately hugged me, he told Dodo that he loves to hug. He is so good. My goal that night was to adopt him.”

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