«Here’s what love can do»: a Japanese man traveled 4,000 miles to write «marry me» on Google Earth

He decided to take a trip to bring his original idea to life.

One day, a loving man named Yasushi Hassan was looking for a creative idea to propose to his girlfriend.

So, he decided to make a long journey to bring his original idea to life.

According to Google Earth, his crazy journey took 4000 miles (about 6437 km) in 6 months.

This famous event also brought him fame: he set a Guinness World Record.

The cover photos were published by Google in 2019 and brought smiles from users around the world.

The author went and wrote the words «Marry me», drawing a heart with an arrow in it.

To be able to bring his idea to life, Yassan traveled from Hokkaido to the Kagoshima guild in Japan.

He quit his job and went on a 6-month trip around the country, despite all sorts of weather conditions.

The brave man slept in his car and dug up the wonderful sights and secret places of his wonderful country.

So, for love, he did it to finally propose to her.

Of course, she agreed.

After this crazy and funny idea, the young man created over 1000 GPS artworks in 24 more countries.

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