Here was a surprise: the owner was surprised that his cat’s best friend was a mouse, which he had to catch

This man discovered an amazing connection between his cat and a rodent.

When a mouse enters their home without their consent, some owners hope their cat will chase it away. It is not always so! In Punta Arenas, Chile, a man discovered a surprising connection between his cat and a rodent.

A few weeks ago, Benjamin Sagredo began to hear strange noises in the kitchen. Sounds, rather weak, arose only occasionally.

“We didn’t know what it was”, he told Dodo. “We’ve seen Simon play with something under a chair before, but we didn’t really think about it”.

Simon, the family cat, knew exactly who the intruder was. Instead of getting rid of him, he befriended him!

One morning, as Benjamín Sagredo was about to enter the kitchen, he witnessed an amazing scene. Simon quietly drank water…with a mouse! 2 animals shared the same bowl. The big cat clearly liked the little rodent.

“They seem to know each other well. Simon was affectionate”, said the Chilean. “I decided to shoot. I thought no one would believe me”.

Although the man was taken aback by this atypical attitude, he quickly accepted his four-legged companion’s point of view. Simon was so friendly with his guest that he became attached to the creature himself.

“I couldn’t hurt him,” said the protagonist. “I named her Chefcito. Simon’s kindness was infectious!”

A cat owner in a black robe took Chefcito outside, in case she would rather live in the wilderness. But, obviously, the little mouse was too happy in the house, in the company of his best friend from the feline family.

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