«Her frank outfit stunned fans»: Nicole pleases and at the same time attracts the audience with an outfit

She enjoys captivating people outside of her line of work with her iconic outings.

When it comes to acting, Nicole Kidman-Creation of the Chameleon, whether she sings at Moulin Rouge! Or the introduction of humor to «be Ricardo». She also likes to charm people who are not related to her work, her cult exits on the red carpet in Hollywood.

The Oscar owner went to Nashville for the 55th annual ceremony of the CMA Awards awards in November 2021 with her husband Kito Urban. When he came there to play his hit «Wild Hearts», the audience was fascinated by a black dress Nicole with one shoulder and long sleeves. The outfit was also improved due to a high section that exposed its left leg, and a thoughtful neckline on the stomach.

All this effect gave a dress for awarding a country singer a more acute atmosphere, which was well combined with her rocker appearance.

She complemented the ensemble with massive gold jewelry and black lacquered stilettos. Her golden hair was collected in a bunch that framed her face. The final strokes became a more natural cosmetic view with simple eye shadows and pink lips.

Nicole decided to publish several backstage photos on Instagram a few hours after the event. As expected, her supporters began to rave about how amazing she was that evening.

«Gorgeous!», Commented in the comments one guy. «Divinity is that you, @nicolekidman! It has always been. It will always remain. You just did it again. again. again! Xoxo», Added a new subscriber. Another repeated: «Time-free beauty!»

Nicole definitely knows how to make people talk about her style. Due to her activity on social networks, she was observed more than once. In December 2022, the actress of Practical Magic surprised everyone, by putting on a black dress with an open back, for which she received praise from numerous celebrities.

We will monitor what clothes she will put on the next time if she visits another event with a whale in the future.

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