«Her femininity simply fascinates»: beautiful Jen came incredibly dressed for an important premiere

J.Lo sent fans some behind-the-scenes footage from the party.

Last night, Jennifer Lopez attended the premiere of Shotgun Wedding and looked stunning in a translucent dress covered with sparkles, and with a huge yellow bow. I’m just going to plunge from all sides: I mean, amazing. Nevertheless, J. Lo changed clothes into a short silver dress for the afterparty, where she was hanging out with her husband Ben Affleck, and her colleagues in the film.

Jay La sent fans several backstage personnel from the party, including shots in which Ben Affleck kisses her and makes a funny face in front of the camera. She seems to have spent the night perfectly.

Look at J. Lo’s thoughts in the video below: «There are a lot of people, and we have a good time. I can’t read anything right now, but I still adore you guys. I suggest you see this comedy in the theater with other people. I adore you guys, and I am grateful. We will continue the communication online».

J. Lo and Ben currently celebrate their first year of marriage. In a recent performance at the Today Show, she talked about the mixing of their families, adding: «We moved together. Children moved together. It was a very emotional shift, as well as the realization of all your dreams. And this year was simply amazing».

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