Heartwarming scene: a daughter makes a really big surprise for her sick mother by bringing a real Bambi with her

All this woman wanted was to see a deer one final time.

A terminally ill woman’s last request is fulfilled in a touching video. The woman has been fascinated by Bambi all her life and all she wants is to see the deer one last time.

As a result, the woman’s daughter goes to great lengths to surprise her mother with a deer. The moment of the heart was captured on film.

Lisa McDonald and her sister have been taking care of their ailing mother for the past few months. Unfortunately, things got worse earlier this month and the elderly woman passed away.

As a result, she told her family that she wanted to see the deer again. Lisa’s mother was completely in love with these cute creatures, to the point of obsession.

Lisa wrote about this in the well-known Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic.

Lisa knew it would be difficult to find a live deer and get it to the hospital, but she needed to try again to please her mother. Luckily, she just met a couple in Melbourne who have a mobile mini farm, and guess what… they also have a deer named Bambi.

“I cannot express my gratitude for what they have done for my mother and my family”.

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