«Heart on the sleeve»: Adorable images of a cat with a heart on her chest

These pictures of the dog with a heart on her chest are adorable.🥰

This little cat had a huge dark heart-shaped mark on her chest which seemed very endearing for people who came to see her.

The kitten has a sister, and they are inseparable. The residents believed Zoe to be an ideal companion, and from then on, the two girls became inseparable.

She was given the nickname “Queen of Hearts” due to the huge heart growing on her chest as she got older.

The cats have their own social media account as 75,000 people follow them. The “Queen of Hearts” is mainly at the center of attention because of the heart of her chest, however, her sister gets attention too for the cute and expressive facial expressions that she has.

Both cats are beautiful, however, they have very different personalities. Zoe is more cautious, meanwhile, the other sister is wild. However, they both are very loyal not only to their owners but also to one another.


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