«He is not that handsome boy»: 60-year-old Tom Cruise surprised fans with his aged look

His glory emanated not only from a beautiful face, but also a physical state.

Tom Cruise, the legendary Hollywood actor, is well known all over the world as a hero of militants.

Moreover, a stuntman, a lover of extreme sports, an arrogant lucky and a follower of Scientology with a very strange personal life.

The 60-year-old Tom Cruise surprised the fans with his aged appearance: it changed a lot.

However, his glory comes not only from his beautiful face and excellent physical condition.

Remember some of his outstanding films, including «Born on the 4th of July», «Rain Man».

Therefore, «Interview with the Vampire», «Eyes Wide Shut», «The Firm», «Jerry Maguire» and «Vanilla sky».

Recently, Tom, to the amazement of fans.

The 60-year-old actor has undergone significant changes over the past few months.

Fans of Cruise came to the conclusion that even plastic surgery could not correct the bloated oval.

Plastic surgery has ceased to be effective. What a beautiful boy was before.

Time does not make anyone attractive.

Network users comment on things such as «We are all getting old», «Sad scenario».

«But he makes a career out of his face», «Unexpectedly», «Dramatic change in appearance» and «Suddenly he looks old».

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