He built his dream home from scratch in just 6 weeks and $9,000!

Adream home from scratch…

Steve Erin was well conscious that, in today’s society, even loan enslavement does not ensure the pleasures of living near one’s own fire, which is why he did not want to purchase home in the city at first. Except for a few construction materials, equipment, and painting, he did not purchase anything. But, according to Lemurov.net, what he built with his own arms is actually cooler than fancy villas!

It all began with a circular of uninhabited land somewhere within Thailand.

His friend handed him several old cement walls from the barn and a plot of ground on the edge of the marsh farm.

Intertwining circles with transitions form the outline of a home.

Cement, tiles, and other building supplies cost about $6,000 total. This would only cover one monthly mortgage in Steve’s home country of the United States.

The colour orange was selected to complement the natural surroundings.

Steven spent an additional $3,000 on the inside and connections, but the outcome was well worth it.

A hearth may be found above, while a bedroom can be found below.

After 6 weeks of work, here is how his house looks from the exterior.

He desired to not only live, but also to enjoy life, thus a terrace was a requirement.

Where else would you find a rooftop climber like this?

Cocktails are allowed on the table if conditions are met.

Then there’s the bathroom.

He was careful in his planning.

The living area has a view of the pond in the garden.

And here’s how all of this splendour appears after sundown.

Source: Lemurov

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