Having laid on him for 20 hours this dog saves the life of the master who was in the snow

The dog companion heard his screams and ran to warm him for almost 20 hours.

Kelsey’s golden retriever heard his screams and prevented his physiological state and injury, lying on him from above and licking his hands and face.

The man who broke his neck after slipping and falling in the cold was saved by his dog after no one heard his screams for help.

Bob, who did not want to name his last name, was at home in Michigan, USA on New Year’s Eve.

When he realized that he needed more firewood to maintain temperature.

Dressed in slippers and pajamas, he got out, but slipped on icy ground and hit his neck-he lies in the snow.

He shouted for help, but no one heard him, since his closest neighbors live about a quarter of a mile from him.

And it was late in the evening.

However, according to the news, his dog companion Kelsey heard his screams and ran to warm him for almost 20 hours.

In the morning, her mistress lost her voice, and over time, consciousness.

But Kelsey continued to call for help until she came when she was heard by a neighbor.

One of the neighbors of Bob eventually found him, hearing Kelsey, and called emergency services.

He was taken to the McLaren hospital in Northern Michigan.

But by the time he arrived, he developed symptoms of hypothermia.

Doctors said that the internal temperature of the body of Bob was low and below 20 degrees when they began to treat it.

Dr. Chaim Colen, a neurosurgeon who treated Bob, conducted an operation and was also «surprised» that he did not suffer any frostbite.

His operation was successful, but the doctor of the knees said that he would still have to go through several hours of physiotherapy in order to completely recover.

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