«Guy’s act saved the woman»: this young man with the help of warm words saved the woman

The guy was not embarrassed by the behavior of the woman and talked to her.

Get to know this bold and noble young man, Alex Conrad, who saved the life of a woman with his attentive gesture.

It was 11 o’clock in the evening when the heroic guy noticed a woman on the bridge of Main Street.

A suspicious woman stood at the railing and looked at the Chippewa River.

At first, Conrad thought that she was fishing since she had a backpack with her.

However, he had some doubts about why she had to go fishing at night when he was driving in his car on the way home.

A caring 20-year-old guy immediately stopped the car and hastened to find out the story of a woman.

Suddenly Conrad approached a woman about 20-25 years old and saw a woman in a hopeless situation.

She noticed a rope on one side of her neck, and the other tied to the bridge rack.

It turned out that a woman is tired of life, as she has no work and has many insoluble problems.

The gentle Conrad managed to conduct a conversation so calmly that even a woman laughed for a short while.

He began to explain that everyone in life has ups and downs and began to talk about his experienced failures and successes.

So, he managed to calm the disappointed lady and get closer to her, hoping at the same time that someone would take a step.

Soon the police arrived, as he hoped, and they managed to remove the woman from the railing of the bridge.

She was taken to the hospital, and, fortunately, she was able to save her thanks to the young steppe guy.

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