Guess what result we have by adding colours to ceramic wires. Not ordinary usage of ordinary things

Sometimes impressive decorations are easily made. You just need wish, interest and love towards art.

You can use things not only for the main function they have, but also give them other meaning and options. For instance, ceramic wires can be used as an interesting decoration, especially, if you have capricious taste, these colorful decoration will become your favorite one. The owner of this idea is Heesoo Lee. He just combined his art skills to get something unusual.

heesoo lee colorful ceramic vessels

He doesn’t create vases or other items of standard design. Each of his works is unique and has a story to tell. He also shows his love towards the nature by painting beautiful landscapes. He puts all of his efforts to represent the whole beauty of the 4 seasons of the year using magnificent shades of colors.

heesoo lee aspen trees ceramic vesselsheesoo lee nature-inspired ceramic vesselsheesoo lee colorful ceramic bowl

He shared the process of his works made of ceramic wires, which are still useful, so you can use them both as a decoration and for its main function.

heesoo lee aspen trees ceramic bowlheesoo lee aspen trees ceramic vaseheesoo lee aspen trees ceramic trayheesoo lee seasonal woodland ceramic vesselsheesoo lee winter-themed ceramic vasesheesoo lee winter-themed ceramic vesselsheesoo lee autumn-themed ceramic trayheesoo lee autumn-themed ceramic bowlsheesoo lee coffee mug flower design

Would you like to have decorations of ceramic wires at your home?

Source: Instagram | Etsy

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