Growing Family: Kathie Lee Gifford’s Son Cody and Wife Erika Share Pregnancy News

Cody and Erika Gifford will soon become parents for the second time🤗🤗

Kathie Lee Gifford’s son Cody Gifford and his wife Erika will soon become parents for the second time.

His wife took to Instagram on Friday and shared a video that features Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and revealed that their son will soon become a big brother.

She captioned it and wrote that she is very grateful and that it has been very significant and then went on saying that they are expecting baby number 2.

She then added asking fans to send names that start with the rest of the days of the week.

Gifford was the one who broke the news about the first baby back in December.


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The couple had been seven years together before they got married in 2020. Kathie Gifford went to the show Today with Hoda & Jenna after two years and spoke out about becoming a grandmother and that they named the kid after her late husband Frank who died in 2015.

She said that she was surprised that her son went with that name because he knew what it felt like to live in the shadow of a great man. Then she added that he hasn’t gotten over the death of his father and he never will because he was his hero.

Later in an interview with ET, she spoke out about what it feels like to become a grandmother.

She revealed that she is happy for her son and his wife also her daughter who will become an aunt. She then added that she is observing everything.

She revealed that she has a friend whose mother is from Israel, and she asked her how the “grandmother” translates in Yiddish and the friend told her that it originates from the word bubble which means my darling. And the child refers to her as Bubbeh.

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